An Industry-Leading Aluminum Billet Casting

ALUS’s state-of-the-art aluminum foundry has refined and redefined casting of aluminum billet for the extrusion industry. Our two melting furnaces, and two casting pits enable us to produce up to 36,000 MT annually. ALUS produces a wide range of 6000 Series aluminum casting alloys for use in extrusion presses. “Special” alloyed billets can also be produced to meet specific customer equipment. Typically, material chemistry is controlled to improve characteristics such as bending, machineability or finish, based upon the end use of the product. Minimum quantities are required for these customer specific alloys.

Available Billet Casting Alloys

ALUS specializes in producing the following alloys in billet diameters ranging from 5˝ to 12˝ Plus, the ability to produce “special” alloyed billets to meet specific customer requirements.

Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities

Reliable – Accurate – Consistent

As the “KOREA’s Premier Aluminum Extruder” , ALUS has two extrusion presses to meet ongoing customer demand. 7” (1800MT) and 12” (4500MT) presses are designed to satisfy a broad range of profile sizes. ALUS’ steady growth, versatility, and ability to deliver on a large scale began in the late 2000’s when the company was selected as the main extruder/fabricator of aluminum formwork which is now widely used in the apartment construction. That growth has accelerated to the present as the company has become the preferred provider/partner of aluminum extrusions for an ever-increasing base of companies across a wide range of building & construction, transportation, electrical, machinery & equipment, and durable consumer goods markets.

Aluminum Formwork Prod. & Refurb.

Aluminum Formwork Production


Aluminum panel T6 6061,average thickness 4mm,average weight is around 20kg per square meter.


1. Be easier and faster: One worker can install 50 square meters per day.
2. Quality: Aluminum panel can achieve smooth surface.
3. Be safer: 50KN/m², the safety design allowance is 2:1, high security guaranteed.
4. Be greener: No rust, no rotting, no nails.
5. More economic: High recovery value for the used materials.

Aluminum Formwork Refurbishment

ALUS can provide the cost-effective cleaning and efficient repairment of your aluminum formwork. We have recently invested in a state of the art cleaning facility which is ideally suited for all brands of framed formwork. ALUS will refurbish any formwork to the highest standards in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Refurbishment - Chemical Cleaning

Factory View